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Photography is my passion, an expressive outlet which I relish in every way, shape and form.

Getting my start in live music and dance photography I am enthusiastic about capturing the fleeting moments there are out there and I'm aware others want them captured too.

More recently, dance and portrait photography has given me countless opportunities to meet new people and travel all over the UK. I would love to expand my skills in this area further: Creating bespoke packages for dancers and touring arts companies, look books for models, performers and brands and documenting artists work as well as creating my own through personal projects. I’m looking to travel soon to increase my exposure and build a strong portfolio in these industries.

Photography is all about moments.

Single moments, your moments.  Let me help capture them for you.

I’m always keen to collaborate and work with people who are creative and are looking to push themselves as much as I am. Whether you would like a special event captured, you want to collaborate or you're looking to build your own portfolio, business or brand, I can help. No idea is too big or project too personal.

Sid Scott

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